Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Garden

Being from the desert, I've never seen a garden grow like this one has. I just had to cut out 4 squash plants because they were no longer IN the garden... of course, the tomato plants toppling over onto them had some effect on that. Apparently next year, I need to leave larger spaces around my plants. Of course, not even my in-laws who've lived here for years, expected that my tomato plants would be over 5 1/2 ft tall!

Oh, and the cat thinks this is her personal jungle... she loves to sit in the garden. The only down side to this is that when the dogs get out and chase her, they tear up the plants. I still haven't replaced the bean poles that all got broken pretty bad!

1 comment:

wonder woman said...

Hello Suzi!!! Vanyssa just told me what your address is! Great garden. And Josef is too cute for words. Glad to know things are going well for you guys!